Net-Biome Call 2010 results

Friday, 23 September 2011 14:25

In November, 2010, Net-Biome launched a call for proposals for trans-national and   trans-regional research entitled “Towards Biodiversity Management in support of Sustainable Development in Tropical and Subtropical EU”. 
This first Joint Call received over 80 Manifestations of Interest, which resulted in 35 project applications. After all the evaluation steps 7 projects were finally selected for funding. For those projects the total amount of funding was about 3.1M€, with an average of 448.000€ per project with a duration of 3 years. The projects will start in March 2012. Further details on the Net-Biome Joint Call booklet on all funded projects (pdf, 4mb)


List of the projects selected for funding (in alphabetical order) 
Acronym and Title of the Project Project Coordinator Regions/Territories involved in the consortium
FRAG&BINV : Consequences of forest fragmentation and conditions for biological invasions: the case of Caribbean birds Stéphane Garnier France, Martinique, French Guiana, Portugal, United Kingdom
Island-Biodiv : Understanding biodiversity dynamics in tropical and subtropical island in an aid to science based conservation action Brent Charles Emerson Canary Islands, Reunion, France, Azores
MOVECLIM : Montane vegetation as listening post for climate change
Dominique Strasberg Reunion, Guadeloupe, Azores, French Polynesia, Canary Islands, France, South Africa, Switzerland, Germany, Malaysia
POMARE : Polynesian, Martinique’s, Reunion’s marine benthic invertebrates: interactions and chemodiversity evaluation for a sustainable use Cécile Debitus French Polynesia , Reunion, Martinique, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France
SafePGR : Towards Safer Plant Genetic Resources through improved viral diagnostics
Claudie Pavis Guadeloupe, France, Reunion, Azores, Madeira
SEAPROLIF : Diversity and functioning of coastal marine biomes under siege: implications of seaweed proliferations across three oceans Claude Payri New Caledonia, France, Portugal, Azores, Reunion, Guadeloupe
VABIOME : Characterization, Protection, Sustainable use and valorization of Vanilla Biodiversity in Tropical EU
Pascale Besse Reunion, French Polynesia, France, French Guiana, Guadeloupe


The decision to fund these projects is conditioned to :

Lisbon, 21 September 2011.


Steering Committee Members

Andrea Brito Alayón (Regional Government of Canary Islands)
Adrien Rivaton (ADECAL - New Caledonia)
Bernardo Faria (Direcção Regional do Ambiente - Madeira)
Catarina Resende (Chair of the Joint Call Secretariat - Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia - Portugal)
Elisabeth Landi (Regional Council of Martinique)
Frédéric Cadet (Regional Council of Reunion)
Frederico Cardigos (Direcção Regional dos Assuntos do Mar - Azores)
Jocelin Ho-Tin-Noë (Regional Council of French Guiana)
Philippe Feldmann (Agence Nationale de la Recherche - France)
Sylvie Gustave-Dit-Duflo (Regional Council of Guadeloupe)
Julio Barbas (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovacion – Spain)

Evaluation Committee Members

Blangy, Sylvie (University of Québec at Montréal - Canada)

Clubbe, Colin (Royal Botanic Gardens Kew - UK)

Bœuf, Gilles (University Pierre and Marie Curie + French Natural History Museum - France)
Freitas, Helena (University of Coimbra - Portugal)
Goldringer, Isabelle (INRA - France)
Gurib-Fakim, Ameenah (Centre of Phytotherapy and Research - Mauritius)
Hawkins, Stephen (University of Southampton - UK)
Martin, Jean-Louis (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique-CEFE)
Montaggioni, Lucien (University of Provence - France)
Pereira, Henrique (University of Lisbon - Portugal)
Schloter, Michael (German Research Center for Environmental Health - Germany)
Simberloff, Daniel (University of Tennessee - USA)