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Home Project News Net-Biome strengthens Pacific links

Net-Biome strengthens Pacific links

Net-Biome was represented by Dr. Colin Hindmarch, member of the advisory board, at the PACE-Net Stakeholder Conference on Strengthening Pacific-European Collaboration in Research, Development, and Innovation, which took place in Brussels, 20th – 23rd March 2012.

brusselspacenetThe conference drew on the experience of a wide range of enthusiastic and committed delegates and delivered a digestible take-home message to a high-level policy panel that had a strong and vocal Commission presence. It also revealed significant networking opportunities and demonstrated that PACE-Net and Net-Biome were natural networking partners with much to gain from an ongoing dialogue. Not least in exploring ways of nurturing emergent networks beyond close-of-contract.

The output from the conference is being posted on the PACE-Net web site and will form part of an ongoing dialogue that will inform the development of a suite of policy documents, one of which will deal with biodiversity. This will be circulated to Net-Biome partners for comment as a way of strengthening links between the two networks.

For more information on PACE-Net and the conference follow link (pdf, 140 kb)